Managed Security Solutions

Hosted SIEM Solutions

With the partnership between Novawatch and MegaplanIT, businesses have access to dedicated security engineers who possess specialist skills in deploying and maintaining a SIEM effectively in a 24/7/365 operation. This not only reduces the time and resources required to maintain a SIEM but also ensures that businesses have a comprehensive approach to managing and securing their IT environment.

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Service Overview

Speed Up Your Incident Response & Control Your Organization's Cyber Risk

A tremendous amount of effort goes into deploying and maintaining a SIEM solution, on top of the ongoing training and enablement of your own security team. Let us handle the difficult work for you.

Our dedicated security engineers handle all aspects of a Fully Managed SIEM deployment as well as the monitoring and optimization necessary for effective incident management. We offer a choice of several SIEM solutions tailored to best fit our client’s needs, often eliminating the need for other security tools in your environment.

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What's Included In A Hosted SIEM Solution?

Our Hosted SIEM solution provides a comprehensive approach to managing and securing your organization’s IT environment. This solution comprises several services that work together to protect your organization’s data and infrastructure.

Log Collection

With Novawatch's MSS service, the log collection process for MegaplanIT is enhanced by providing advanced threat detection capabilities. Novawatch's Security Operations Center (SOC) continuously monitors the logs collected from event sources, leveraging machine learning and other advanced technologies to identify potential security threats in real time.

Compliance Monitoring

Take your compliance monitoring to the next level with Novawatch. Go above and beyond to assess your adherence to policies and procedures and continuously monitor your IT environment for potential compliance violations. With Novawatch and MegaplanIT, you can rest assured that your compliance needs are always met.

Log Retention

Novawatch's SOC team constantly monitors the logs to ensure that they are being retained in compliance with the relevant regulations such as PCI-DSS, FISMA, or HIPAA. In the event of a security incident, Novawatch's team can quickly retrieve the logs and provide forensic analysis to help identify the root cause of the incident.

Managed SIEM

Get peace of mind with our managed SIEM tool. Our efficient tool monitors your environment for potential compromises, freeing up your IT staff's time to focus on core business needs and new projects. Say goodbye to security worries and hello to business growth.

Incident Response

Boost your security game with our all-in-one Incident Response (IR) plan! Our plan covers the six key phases of the NIST-SP 800-61 framework: Prepare, Detect, Contain, Investigate, Remediate, and Recover. With our easy-to-follow IR plan, you can quickly and efficiently respond to any security incident, protect your critical assets, and minimize damage.