Log Management

Log Management

Log management is essential for security and compliance but requires a great deal of care and attention to do properly. Our experts manage every aspect of log management for your organization, so you know your logs will be reliably collected, securely stored, and readily accessible

Take the Hard Work Out of Logging and Auditing Challenges

Log monitoring, aggregation, and archiving is critical, both for compliance and general security purposes. But as new devices are added, or changes are made in your network, are you taking steps to ensure you are still receiving all relevant logs?

Let us become your partner solving log management challenges with the latest solutions. We continually evaluate our logging sources throughout the day and validate this information with your team each month during our managed security service review meeting. We help coordinate every aspect of logging for your organization, so you can trust your logs will be securely stored, readily accessible, and retained for the specific amount of time required for compliance.

Key Benefits:

Log Management

Continual validation of logging sources

Keep track of new devices and network changes

Logs are securely stored and readily accessible

Log retention fully managed and in-line with all compliance requirements

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At MegaplanIT, we understand the demands of your business. You need your data to be accessible to your organization, yet impenetrable from the outside. You also have to comply with increasingly stringent information security regulations, which are vital not only to your security but to your success. On top of that, you’re still, well—running a business.

Our innovative IT security and compliance solutions are designed to deliver customized, cost-effective service on time—because your priorities are our priorities. With a highly qualified team of PCI-DSS QSAs, Penetration Testers, and Information Security Consultants here at MegaplanIT, we will assess your unique company and business environment and design a path to security that will fit all of your needs.

Log Collection

Logs are collected from event sources (such as servers, switches, routers, operating systems, and firewalls) throughout the IT environment of your organization. The logs are then forwarded to other Security Analytics devices, where they are stored as metadata for use in investigations and reports.

Event & Intelligence Correlation

Regardless of whether the events are associated with end user experience, business processes, application performance or technology performance, effective event correlation will pinpoint the specific cause of any event storm.

Incident Response

Our IR Plan encompasses the six key phases that are defined in NIST-SP 800-61:

1.    Preparation    
2.    Detection
3.    Containment
4.    Investigation
5.    Remediation
6.    Recovery

Log Retention

Our log retention service provides full lifecycle management of your chosen log retention technology, assuring that your log retention tool will allow you to achieve and/or maintain your PCI-DSS, FISMA or HIPAA compliant status.

Managed SIEM

Utilizing our managed SIEM tool allows your organization to effectively allocate your IT staff, allowing them to focus on core business needs and new projects while providing peace of mind, knowing that your environment is efficiently managed and constantly monitored for any compromise.

Compliance Monitoring

Our monitoring tool assesses your adherence to your organization’s policies and procedures, governing activities that pose compliance risk to your business and helps the business effectively manage risks on an ongoing, real-time basis.