Penetration Testing that goes far beyond automated tools

Penetration Testing Will Secure Your Environment From The Latest Cyber Security Threats

Our advanced penetration testing services will uncover weaknesses in your applications and networks, saving you from costly data breaches that could be exploited by malicious actors.

MegaplanIT’s expert security consultants are fully certified and have decades of experience helping businesses like yours stay safe from cybersecurity threats. We build long-term relationships with our customers and provide holistic services to meet all your security and compliance needs.

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Advanced Penetration Testing Services

Our Approach

We provide comprehensive penetration testing of internal and external networks, systems, and applications to help you identify vulnerabilities and comply with requirements of PCI-DSS, SOC, FEDRAMP, HITRUST, etc. Our experts use a combination of proprietary tools and techniques that go far beyond automated scanners to uncover any weakness that could potentially be exploited by malicious actors. 

We provide certified penetration testing services for your web applications, and mobile applications, helping you to ensure full PCI-DSS compliance.

MegaplanIT’s external penetration test follows best practice in penetration testing methodologies which includes:

• Port scanning
• DNS Analysis & DNS Bruteforcing
• Public Information & Information Leakage
• Footprinting
• System Fingerprinting
• Service Probing
• Exploit Research
• Manual Vulnerability Testing and Verification of Identified Vulnerabilities
• Intrusion Detection/Prevention System Testing
• Password Service Strength Testing
• Remediation Retest

Offensive Penetration Testing

MegaplanIT’s penetration testing services will determine where your vulnerabilities lie, test existing defenses, and help you secure your internal network against potential threats, ensuring that your private data remains private. Your network perimeter, which includes firewalls, host-hardening configurations, and router access control lists (ACLs), exists as a protective barrier for your information assets. It is also susceptible to attack—and the cost of a breach is just as high—so it’s critical that your network perimeter is solid.

We Offer:

  • Internal & External Network Penetration Testing
  • Internal & External Vulnerability Scanning
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Secure Code Review
  • Mobile Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing
  • Mobile application testing
  • Hardware testing
  • Red team exercise

A Good Offense Is A Secure Defense

How our penetration testing services benefit your company and protect you from the latest threats

Penetration Testing

Our Testing Goes Beyond Automation Tools

 All MegaplanIT security testers have extensive years of experience and current trend knowledge to keep you one step ahead of cybercriminals. 

MegaplanIT Penetration Testing

Uncover The Weak Points In Your Environment

Our experts will examine and identify any weak points within your network architecture that could be exploited in a costly attack. 

enetration Testing Remediation

Receive Remediation For Security Gaps

We identify security gaps quickly so you can begin remediation activities. We also provide specific recommendations for correcting identified weaknesses.

External Penetration Testing

To keep malicious attacks at bay, your company’s network perimeter needs to be secure and operating at peak performance. The internet-facing components (website, email servers, etc.) of a company’s network are constantly exposed to threats from hackers. Many controls must surround the network perimeter, including firewalls, host-hardening configurations, and router access control lists (ACLs).  

During External Penetration Testing our team takes on the perspective of an outside attacker in order to find and exploit known or unknown security vulnerabilities as an actual hacker would.  Additionally, External Penetration Testing tests your company’s external monitoring and Incident Response (IR) capabilities, as well as detecting weaknesses in a system or network that could allow host compromise. 

During an External Penetration Test, MegaplanIT focuses on assessing the level of effectiveness that the current controls represent; how well they are implemented; and the types of configurations set up between network hosts and relevant devices. The assessment is purposefully designed to emulate an attack from outside your network.  MegaplanIT will test the network by utilizing a combination of automated software and manual techniques.  

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Web Application Penetration Testing

MegaplanIT will test every application currently active in your organization’s systems to identify each application’s architecture. A penetration tester will group the applications together in a way that identifies which server or area of the network they are housed on. It is important to validate the trust relationships between each application. Therefore, grouping them together helps us determine how they interact with each other across the environment. Locating vulnerable areas, hidden Trojan viruses, and backdoors is much easier with this information in hand.  

Once again, MegaplanIT will inform your management, personnel, and IT security staff about any discovered vulnerability in the application architecture. After your organization has been apprised of the situation, management can decide to exploit the application’s vulnerability.  

Our 8 Phase Penetration Testing Process

Phase One
Scope the engagement
Our penetration testing consultant will begin by gathering the data required in order to begin testing. This will contain application URL's and IP addresses.
Phase One
Phase Two
Research The Network
MegaplanIT will study your network systems and become familiar with the network design and current security controls.
Phase Two
Phase Three
Map The Network
The penetration tester will scan the network utilizing various techniques, including Port Scanning, RF Profiling, and Layer 2 ARP Sweeps. MegaplanIT will also scan all available IP addresses multiple times. We will then use this data to create a fully realized network map.
Phase Three
Phase Four
Exploitation & Validation
Our testers will identify each security control using a separate suite of tools. Once each component is identified, the tester will classify them into discernible groups.
Phase Four
Phase Five
Test The Network
This type of test will enable MegaplanIT to gather the information that could be used in a more sophisticated attack at a later time.
Phase Five
Phase Six
Fully Test The System
The tester will leverage the knowledge gained during the Mapping phase to attack potentially vulnerable areas. MegaplanIT will further test areas, using both linear and non-linear techniques.
Phase Six
Phase Seven
At this point, MegaplanIT has fully tested the network and if exploitation is possible, further testing might be warranted, depending on the area in question.
Phase Seven
Phase Eight
Final Report & Delivery
MegaplanIT will deliver a Final Report that outlines the network security posture while highlighting vulnerable areas and offering options to remediate the issues. The Final Report will include an assessment of existing security controls and a corresponding Risk Level Rating based on the assessment.

In the event that your tester has identified vulnerabilities in your assessment, we provide your organization one re-test at no additional charge.

Phase Eight

Why MegaplanIT As Your Penetration Testing Partner?

Our Services are tailored to the needs of your environment

We Evaluate Your Attack Landscape

Our testers rank vulnerabilities identified during testing based on the associated risk to your organization while taking into consideration compensating controls.

Meet Your Compliance Requirements

Our testing process follows industry standards such as NIST, OWASP and the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). This ensures testing will adhere to and meet compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS, FedRamp, as well as other compliance standards.

Our Penetration Testers Are Certified

Our penetration testers have industry recoginzed certifications such as OSCP, GPEN, GWAPT, CEH and more!

Knowledgeable Remediation Assistance

Our testers will ensure you understand how we identified vulnerabilities within the report in addition to providing you with remediation guidance. 

Test Inside & Outside The Network

Penetration testing can be performed from within the internal network or from the internet. Performing internal penetration testing will allow you to understand what an insider threat or compromised system could accomplish.

OWASP Top 10 Best Practices

MegaplanIT utilizes Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) Top 10 Testing Methods, which include:

  • Injection,
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS),
  • Broken Authentication & Session Management,
  • Insecure Direct Object References,
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF),
  • Security Misconfiguration,
  • Insecure Cryptographic Storage,
  • Insufficient Transport Layer Protection,
  • Invalidated Redirects and Forwards 

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At MegaplanIT, our expert security consultants and QSAs are fully certified and have decades of experience helping businesses like yours stay safe from cyber threats. We build long-term relationships with our customers and provide holistic services to meet all your security and compliance needs.

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