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PCI DSS Compliance Assessments

We have a keen understanding of the challenge businesses face in passing compliance assessments and remaining compliant over time. Our PCI DSS compliance assessment services are designed to keep your costs and level of effort down while making it easy to stay compliant year after year.

Your Path to Achieving PCI DSS Compliance

Our clients have two primary concerns when it comes to PCI DSS compliance: time and value. MegaplanIT’s PCI DSS Plus program is an all-in-one solution for PCI compliance designed specifically to address these concerns.

Our bundled compliance solution takes a streamlined approach both on and off-site to get your business ready for its next assessment and keep you compliant all year round. Our expert QSAs know how to effectively implement the processes your organization needs to protect cardholder data and keep sensitive information secure.

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Our PCI DSS Compliance Assessment Includes:

Two QSAs Per Assessment

We assign a primary and secondary QSA to every PCI-DSS assessment, so you can always reach a compliance expert when you need one. Our policy of assigning two QSAs provides greater flexibility with your schedule and more accurate compliance reports.​

Free PCI DSS Gap Analysis

To help prepare your organization for the most recent iteration of the PCI DSS standards, we compare your cardholder environment’s current security controls against the revised requirements and provide an analysis that includes a list of controls that will need to be updated or replaced. This saves time and costs by identifying exactly which services your business needs.

Policies and Procedures Development

Our policy and procedures assistance will alleviate the headaches (and costly mistakes) that many business owners run into while trying to develop these technical documents. Bundling this service with your PCI DSS assessment will save you significant time and money.

Trusted Advisory and Remediation

Included Trusted Advisory and Remediation means that MegaplanIT will advise you with any system changes made throughout the year that might affect your PCI compliance status. This service may reduce the time and cost of your PCI assessment year after year!

PCI Compliance Project Management

Our compliance project management service monitors compliance deadlines and tracks the completion of milestones throughout the assessment. While our QSAs are conducting your assessment, our management team aligns the necessary resources to facilitate an on-time completion of your final report. 

MegaplanIT's PCI DSS Compliance Assessments

What Our Clients Say

PCI DSS Compliance

Mapping With MSS Requirements

Based out of our State of the Art 24/7/365 Security Operations Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, we provide a suite of managed services to ensure your business stays safe from cybersecurity attacks.

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Automate & Verify

  • Implement automated audit trails for all system components to reconstruct the following events:
  • 10.2.1 Verify all individual access to cardholder data is logged.
  • 10.2.2 All actions were taken by any individual with root or administrative privileges
  • 10.2.3 Verify access to all audit trails is logged.
  • 10.2.4 Verify invalid logical access attempts are logged.


  • Record at least the following audit trail entries for all system components for each event:
  • 10.3.1 User identification
  • 10.3.2 Type of event
  • 10.3.3 Date and time
  • 10.3.4 Success or failure indication
  • 10.3.5 Origination of event
  • 10.3.6 Identity or name of affected data, system component, or resource.

Audit Trails

  • Secure audit trails so they cannot be altered.
  • 10.5.1 Limit viewing of audit trails to those with a job-related need.
  • 10.5.2 Protect audit trail files from unauthorized modifications.
  • 10.5.3 Promptly back up audit trail files to a centralized log server or media that is difficult to alter.

Daily Reviews

  • 10.6.1 Review the following at least daily:
  • All security events
  • Logs of all system components that store, process, or transmit CHD and/or SAD
  • Logs of all critical system components
  • Logs of all servers and system components that perform security functions.
  • 10.2.4 Verify invalid logical access attempts are logged.

Monitor Traffic

  • Use intrusion-detection and/or intrusion-prevention techniques to detect and/or prevent intrusions into the network.
  • Monitor all traffic at the perimeter of the cardholder data environment as well as at critical points in the cardholder data environment, and alert personnel to suspected compromises.

Security Management

  • Assign to an individual or team the following information security management responsibilities:
  • 12.5.2 Monitor and analyze security alerts and information and distribute to appropriate personnel.
  • 12.5.5 Monitor and control all access to data.
  • 12.5.5 Verify that responsibility for monitoring and controlling all access to data is formally assigned.

Meet The Team

MegaplanIT’s Management Team oversees each project, working alongside our IT security specialists to ensure your company has a successful engagement. Our team of security consultants is certified with PCI-QSA, PA-QSA, PCIP, GPEN, CPISA, CPISM, CISSP, CISM, CISA, CGEIT, CCSP, and MCSE.

A MegaPlanIT team member wearing a nice button up shirt and suit jacket.

Anthony Petruso

VP Compliance Services


Anthony is MegaplanIT’s VP of Compliance. As a seasoned Security and Compliance practitioner with over a decade of experience in the field of regulatory compliance, he is currently responsible for directing MegaplanIT’s Compliance Services while recruiting and mentoring MegaplanIT consultants to ensure client satisfaction and proper execution of each service offered.

Jennifer a team member at MegaPlanIT

Jennifer Boyd

Principal Security Consultant


Jennifer has worked on the MegaplanIT teams for 4 years as a Principal Security Consultant. Her current responsibilities include the performance of comprehensive Security Assessments for MegaplanIT clients against regulations and standards including, but not limited to; PCI DSS, HIPAA Security, NIST, and ISO Standards.  In addition, She support her clients by providing policy and procedure development and compliance advisory services.

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Pci point-to-point encryption with robust Software Security.
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