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November 3rd 2021 - 9:00 am EST


MegaplanIT helps a small business achieve SAQ validation.

MegaplanIT partnered with key technology leaders at Fueland to fully understand the nature of their PCI scope across their services and the impact on PCI compliance. Through careful analysis, MegaplanIT evaluated in scope requirements and provided Fueland with detailed feedback on how to improve both their PCI compliance posture, but also to improve their general security posture. The MegaplanIT phased approach allowed Fueland to ease into a deeper understanding of PCI and its impact on Fueland. MegaplanIT guided the Fueland teams through policy and technology-based controls to ensure that they were all fully understood. MegaplanIT’s thorough testing procedures ensured that all potential channels related to cardholder data were understood. Scope reduction strategies were leveraged to help Fueland reduce scope and compliance burden. Fueland’s teams efficiently implemented solid policies, procedures as well as implemented new technology solutions in support of their PCI program. Lastly, MegaplanIT worked with Fueland to ensure that they had a plan going forward to accomplish all of the periodic control requirements of PCI throughout the coming year. Fueland can confidently provide assurance to its customers that they meet the applicable PCI requirements related to its services with their PCI Attestation of Compliance.

“Without our clients, MegaplanIT would not be in business, so their success and satisfaction are highly important to us,” says Michael Vitolo, CEO at MegaplanIT.

Let's hear from Fueland about their experience working with MegaplanIT:

We prepared our SAQ-D on our own before the requirements were so stringent. After our second in-house meeting, we decided that we needed experts in the space to establish PCI compliance as efficiently as possible. We interviewed at least ten companies that specialize in PCI-compliance” and almost all of them wanted Fueland to do much more of the work in collecting data and answering questions. MegaplanIT stood out from the crowd and offered a step-by-step strategy that seemed to be the best course towards compliance”. While MegaplanIT wasn’t the least expensive, they by far offered the best value, as we received our SAQ-D in six weeks! It was drama-free and a remarkable success story for our company! – Stephen Alexander, Fueland President.

About Fueland

For more than 14 years, Fueland has been a technology provider in the grocery, convenience, and tobacco rebate loyalty space, constantly developing new features and improving support for various POS and in the process, helping store operators compete on a level playing field with the largest chains. Supporting more than 2,000 sites nationwide, Fueland is poised for great growth during the digital transformation of the convenience store industry.

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MegaplanIT works with companies large and small by providing a value-focused and bundled compliance assessment package that includes in-depth advisory services with a streamlined and efficient assessment process. MegaplanIT approaches every customer interaction as the foundation of a long-term client partnership which means we provide the most accurate assessments and help them meet their security goals, optimize their security and compliance investments, and reduce the overall stress of running an information security program while maintaining compliance over time.

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