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Web Application Penetration Testing

Our web application penetration testing helps you find and fix weaknesses before they can be exploited from a wide range of advanced cyber attacks.

Web applications come under fire from a wide range of advanced cyber attacks. Our experts help you find and fix weaknesses before they can be exploited.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Service Overview

Secure Applications Against Cyber Threats

Website Application Penetration Tests are designed to evaluate the security of any browser or network-based application by simulating attacks from malicious sources like malware, spyware, and cyber criminals.

We also provide certified penetration testing services for your network, intranet, and mobile applications, helping you to ensure full PCI-DSS compliance.

Our Approach

We provide comprehensive, PCI-DSS approved penetration testing services for all your web applications. Our experts use proprietary tools and techniques to uncover any vulnerabilities present before they can be exploited. Once testing is complete, we produce a comprehensive report that documents testing results, describes any issues identified, and provides specific recommendations for quick and efficient remediation. Request More Information

Key Benefits

Web Application Penetration Testing

Accurately assess risk associated with web applications

Advanced penetration testing processes

Specific recommendations and fixes provided

Quickly identify and remediate security weaknesses

Locate Your Weaknesses

Our advanced penetration testing tools and processes have been honed over time to help us identify any and all security weaknesses in your browser- and network-based applications. Common Web-Based Vulnerabilities include:

Path Traversal

Aims to access files and directories that are stored outside the web root folder.

SQL Injection

Aims to "inject" an SQL query via the input data from the client to the application.

Application Mapping

Traces data flows to identify weak areas prone to attack.

Examining HTTPS Use

Ensures your SSL certificate is valid and operational.

Cookie Manipulation

Aims to access credentials and other data stored within cookies.

Buffer Overflows

Aims to overwrite memory fragments of the process that should never be modified.

Cross-Site Scripting

Uses a web application to send malicious code to a different end user.

Error Handling

Ensures your application can handle the unexpected and fail safe, if necessary.

Session Management

Ensures your application keeps track of anonymous users after the very first user request.

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MegaplanIT prides itself on establishing top certifications including:

MegaplanIT GPEN Certification
MegaplanIT GICSP Certification

Global Information Assurance - GPEN Certification

Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional

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At MegaplanIT, we understand the demands of your business. You need your data to be accessible to your organization, yet impenetrable from the outside. You also have to comply with increasingly stringent information security regulations, which are vital not only to your security but to your success. On top of that, you’re still, well—running a business.

Our innovative IT security and compliance solutions are designed to deliver customized, cost-effective service on time—because your priorities are our priorities. With a highly qualified team of PCI-DSS QSAs, Penetration Testers, and Information Security Consultants here at MegaplanIT, we will assess your unique company and business environment and design a path to security that will fit all of your needs.

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