PCI-DSS Gap Analysis

PCI-DSS Gap Analysis

An evaluation of your current level of compliance, including an examination of all aspects of your cardholder environment. This “pre-assessment” gives us a picture of your existing strengths and weaknesses and can help reduce the scope and cost of your final PCI-DSS Assessment.

PCI-DSS Gap Analysis

At MegaplanIT, we don’t just audit. We pride ourselves on building partnerships with our customers and guiding them through the entire process of assessment, remediation, and compliance achievement. Your security is our priority, and we’re here to ensure your customers will always be able to trust that their private information remains private.

The strong relationships we build with customers allow us to deliver accurate results and customized service while reducing your costs and level of effort. Our consultants partner with your team both on and off site to assess and control risks related to your unique circumstances. We identify the specific PCI-DSS regulations that apply to your business and take the steps needed to bring your cardholder environment into compliance.

Key Benefits

PCI-DSS Gap Analysis

Identify current strengths and weaknesses

Reduce scope & cost of your final assessment

Assess and control security risks

Bring your cardholder environment into compliance

Our Services Help You Stay
Secure & Compliant
Year-Round While Reducing Your Costs AND Level of Effort

Review Phase

Scope of whats covered

This review covers all 12 PCI-DSS Requirements and serves as a baseline for subsequent gap analyses. This phase also allows us to identify the key controls we’ll need to further test your cardholder environment. 

During the review phase, our team of specialists will perform a full review of your company’s documentation with regard to

Recent (or planned) website changes and their potential impact on current PCI-DSS compliance.

Overall system design, including key interface definitions and designs.

System and infrastructure monitoring.

General security information.

IT infrastructure, including network engineering, infrastructure automation and host and operating system engineering.

Partner with your organization to identify stakeholders and project participants through meetings and review of documentation.

Provide feedback to the designated representative regarding strengths and gaps.

Conduct in-depth interviews with Functional Component-designated representatives.

Current-State Readiness Review Phase

Examined to Leading Industry Security Practices

Our experts conduct an in-depth analysis of your overall control environment and the specific technical controls within it. We gather all relevant information on your system designs, deployment documentation, procedures, and standards.

The goal of this phase is to find out exactly where and how your environment falls out of line with PCI-DSS compliance requirements.

Every aspect of your cardholder environment will be critically examined and compared to leading industry security practices.

When You Employ MegaplanIT

As Your Managed Security Services Provider

Trusted Partners

We work with our customers year after year. We understand their business and go beyond the contract to help them stay secure and compliant.

We Hire the Best

All our consultants are fully certified and highly experienced.

We Cover All Your Needs

No need to shop around. We pride ourselves on our holistic services, which meet all our customers’ security and compliance needs.

Our Team Are

MegaplanIT has handpicked the best security and compliance professionals in the industry, who have exceptional qualifications and experience. Our team of experts is actively committed to excellence, so they continually advance their skills by seeking out the most current training and certification in best practices across all industries.



At MegaplanIT, we understand the demands of your business. You need your data to be accessible to your organization, yet impenetrable from the outside. You also have to comply with increasingly stringent information security regulations, which are vital not only to your security but to your success. On top of that, you’re still, well—running a business.

Our innovative IT security and compliance solutions are designed to deliver customized, cost-effective service on time. With a highly qualified team of PCI-DSS QSAs, Penetration Testers, and Information Security Consultants here at MegaplanIT, we will assess your unique company and business environment and design a path to security that will fit all of your needs.