Automated Asset Discovery

Automated Asset Discovery

Before you can protect your network, you must know what’s connected to it. Automated Asset Discovery maintains an up-to-date asset inventory and identifies rogue assets on your network with a combination of active and passive network scanning.

Automated Asset Discovery

The First Step to Protection Your Organization’s Environment is Identifying Your Assets

A security program is only as good as the inventory and asset data it’s built on. Maintaining an up-to-date asset inventory is essential to ensuring the ongoing security and integrity of your business network.
We use a combination of active and passive network scanning to quickly correlate host activity, track activity history, and identify demands on specific assets based on their compliance scoping and organizational criticality. Our automated discovery scans can be run on-demand to identify rogue assets on your network.

Key Benefits:

Automated Asset Discovery

Quickly identify suspicious activity on your business networks and contain genuine threats before they cause harm.

Track all assets connected to your network

Maintain and protect your critical assets

Quickly identify rogue assets

Check software versions on networked devices

Patch vulnerable devices before they are exploited

This Service Also Includes

Active Network Scanning

On average, more than 300 new operating system and application vulnerabilities are announced each month, making the need to do active network scanning critical in maintaining the protection of your assets.

Passive Network Monitoring

Passive scanners can identify the active operating systems, applications and ports throughout a network, monitoring activity to determine the network's vulnerabilities.

Asset Inventory

This continual discovery process includes documenting all application code, third party and operating system software, all interfaces, process and procedure descriptions, machine readable job and transaction logs, as well as test case definitions and test procedures.

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