Industries We Serve

Every industry has its unique challenges. At MegaplanIT we have the experience and certifications to help businesses across all industries achieve their security and compliance goals.


Security & compliance services, tailored to each industry’s unique challenges.

Advisory Board

MegaplanIT’s world-class team of security & compliance leaders.

Management Team

Meet the advisors who guide our growth and company strategy.


Protect payment card and customer data from cyber criminals and ensure ongoing PCI compliance.


Protect financial records and comply with industry frameworks with our tailored security and compliance services.

Hosting Providers

Protect your digital infrastructure from an onslaught of cyber-attacks with our cutting edge penetration testing and incident response services.

Higher Education

Secure your institution against social threats and espionage with comprehensive testing and security services.

Software & Technology

Defend against advanced cyber-attacks with services designed to reduce the attack surface and rapidly block threats.

Government And The Public Sector

Guarantee the security of sensitive data with our comprehensive compliance, testing, and managed security services.


Safeguard customer data and ensure compliance in an industry that’s rapidly adopting the latest technologies.


Stay HIPAA compliant and avoid breaches in an industry that’s rapidly becoming the go-to target for cyber criminals.


Defend your critical infrastructure and complex network environments against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Security & Compliance Specialists

Build security and compliance for the long term, no matter what industry you’re in.