HIPAA Risk Assessment

Service Overview

Ensure the Security of Sensitive Patient Data

The healthcare industry is heavily targeted by malicious actors. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) aims to protect patient data by requiring any organization that processes and/or maintain healthcare information to meet security standards in the handling of patient Protected Health Information (PHI).

Our risk assessment service helps your organization achieve HIPAA compliance by assessing and managing risk, ensuring data integrity, and safeguarding PHI confidentiality and accessibility. Our experts partner with your team to assess your current level of security and create a road map for mitigating PHI exposure and security risks. 

Key Benefits:

HIPAA Risk Assessment

Highly experienced, fully-certified assessors

Identify weaknesses in your security program

Protect patient data from security threats

Minimize the risk of data breaches


Step By Step The HIPAA Risk Assessment Process

Step 1. Project Scope

Our Security specialist will schedule a series of calls to determine the in-scope environment and gather the necessary personnel and resources.

Step 2. Validation of HIPAA security controls

MegaplanIT will test all systems and their respective controls against the HIPAA security compliance standards

Step 3. Draft reports and QA Process

We will draft a report highlighting any significant deficiencies or gaps uncovered during the testing phase.

Step 4. Final HIPAA Report on Compliance

Post-assessment, our security team will provide you with a State of Readiness Report detailing identified risks and vulnerabilities, along with recommended measures for correcting any issues that violate HIPAA.

Step 5. Trusted advisory and remediation

Throughout the process, your security consultants will oversee the addition of any new devices, apps, or infrastructure that could affect your HIPAA-compliant status. If you have a question, our dedicated team will be there to help.

Step 6. Ongoing security awareness

Your “human element” represents a major vulnerability in terms of information security, MegaplanIT has developed a customized, hassle-free security awareness training portal.

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