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PCI-DSS SAQ Advisory

Our PCI-DSS SAQ Advisory self-service portal is a fully-branded, custom application gateway designed for ISOs, merchants, banks, and other companies that require Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) Reports and Security Scans to achieve PCI-DSS compliance

Schedule ASV scans and complete your SAQ reports in minutes from your web browser. Easily enter client information, communicate with customers, print reports, and manage your compliance requirements. Request Additional Information

Key Benefits:

PCI-DSS SAQ Advisory

Free Training & Live Support

Easy Document Access

Unlimited Monthly Scans

Auto-Pilot Feature

Whats Included In Our Self-Service Portal

View Our Extensive Features:

Free Training & Live Support

Our QSAs host free quarterly PCI-DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire training sessions (via webcast) for all portal users. Ask questions, get help, and make sure your SAQ report is 100% accurate.

Merchant Dashboard

Merchants receive their own user dashboards, where their ISOs can log in and view the page as the merchant sees it or make any necessary changes.

Customization of the ISO Dashboard

ISOs can easily manage and monitor their merchants' compliance status from the dashboard, which can be customized with the ISO's logo and colors and even modified for sub-ISOs

Streamlined & Intuitive

Portal supports ISOs and Level 2-4 merchants to obtain and maintain PCI certification. It walks you step-by-step through the certification process and is the first portal in the industry to allow on-screen signatures for attestations. Attestations and certificates can be emailed or printed directly from the portal.

Simple Upload

CaaS users can upload thousands of merchants into the Portal with the click of a button, saving time and making major updates a breeze.

Easy To Manage

Quickly Add/Edit or Delete your merchants directly in the CaaS Portal.

Easy Document Access

Find, view, or download all necessary certification documents with a single click from your dashboard, including your completed SAQ, vulnerability scan results, and attestation.

Hassle-Free Renewal

The portal makes renewal easy. No need to start from scratch every time—simply access and review the SAQ that's already stored in the system.

MegaplanIT prides itself on establishing top certifications including:


Nevada Gaming Control Board

SOC for Service Organizations

Certified Level 1 PCI DSS Service Provider

IT Service Provider Gaming License

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Make Our Team, Your Team!

Our innovative IT security and compliance solutions are designed to deliver customized, cost-effective service on time—because your priorities are our priorities. With a highly qualified team of PCI-DSS QSAs, Penetration Testers, and Information Security Consultants here at MegaplanIT, we will assess your unique company and business environment and design a path to security that will fit all of your needs.