Standardized Control Assessment

Service Overview

A Holistic Tool for Standardized On-Site Risk Management

Many organizations increase their capabilities and productivity by outsourcing tasks to service organizations. However, when business functions are outsourced to third parties, some risk is “outsourced” as well. A Standardized Control Assessment (SCA) helps to limit this risk by ensuring security compliance across 17 clearly defined domains.

The Standardized Control Assessment is a holistic tool for performing standardized onsite risk management assessments, including assessments of cybersecurity, IT, privacy, data security, and business resiliency controls

Our expert assessors provide comprehensive standardized control assessment services that are customized to the specific needs of your organization. We identify any gaps in your current security systems and processes—including those related to third parties—and provide expert advice and guidance to help you quickly bring your security program into compliance. Request More Information

Key Benefits

Standardized Control Assessment

Customized to the needs of your organization

Comprehensive assessment across 17 critical functions

Keep control of cyber risk in-house

Step-by-step advice and guidance from compliance experts

Which Security Domains are Assessed?

Our expert assessors will help you quickly bring your security processes and systems in line with the 17 SCA domains

Risk Assessment & Treatment

Security Policy

Organizational Security

Asset & Information Management

Physical & Environmental Security

Operations Management

Access Control

Application Security

Incident Event

Business Resiliency


Network Security


Treatment Management

Server security

Cloud security

What Our Customers Say


MegaplanIT prides itself on establishing top certifications including:


Nevada Gaming Control Board

SOC for Service Organizations

Certified Level 1 PCI DSS Service Provider

IT Service Provider Gaming License



At MegaplanIT, we understand the demands of your business. You need your data to be accessible to your organization, yet impenetrable from the outside. You also have to comply with increasingly stringent information security regulations, which are vital not only to your security but to your success. On top of that, you’re still, well—running a business.

Our innovative IT security and compliance solutions are designed to deliver customized, cost-effective service on time—because your priorities are our priorities. With a highly qualified team of PCI-DSS QSAs, Penetration Testers, and Information Security Consultants here at MegaplanIT, we will assess your unique company and business environment and design a path to security that will fit all of your needs.

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